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Have you experienced foreclosure within the past 3 years?

If you have lost your home to foreclosure within the past 3 years, you could be entitled to CASH from the sale of your home.  We are committed to assisting you in obtaining those funds.

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In the event of a Tax or a Mortgage forclosure, the county holds a foreclosure auction on your property due to unpaid taxes or Mortgage. Foreclosed properties often sell for an amount higher than what was owed on the mortgage and/or property taxes.  When that happens, the previous owner is entitled to recover the amount above and beyond what was owed on the mortgage and/or property taxes.

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Is that foreclosed properties often sell for an amount higher than what was owed on the mortgage or property taxes, therefore resulting in a “surplus” of funds leftover after the lienholders (mortgage lender or county treasurer for taxes) are paid off.  These surplus funds are due to the previous owner of the foreclosed property.

Although the county sends a notice regarding surplus funds to the previous owner, it is common for the notice to go to the owner’s last known address (which is often the property that was foreclosed) so the previous owner is never informed of their right to recover the funds.

Our job is to assist you in filing the documents necessary to recover the surplus funds.  Our team works directly with the county and can assist you in recovering these funds!


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